The Art of Rick Camire
Paintings and Work on paper

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Great site I was hoping to see some of your older works.
Joseph Bussiere - 25 Oct 2018
Rick, I so enjoyed looking at your work here on your site, as well as learning more about you that I didn't know when we studied together at the art institute so many years ago. I especially was drawn to your "Foiles a deux" series, with their atmosphere of the mystical. I can only imagine their exuding presence felt when viewed in person. Are you still in the Bay Area? I visited there last year, December 2016, and spent an afternoon with Gordon and Barbara Sizelove during my stay in the area. Best wishes for your continued success.
Lee Hoag - 24 Dec 2017
Hi, Rick, I just noticed your entry into the LinkedIn artist group. Your work is really fine. I do abstract work, and would love to have you see some of it at I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I grew up amid the Ab-Ex artists back in the 50' a young dancer. Your work AND your statements about it strike a very responsive chord with me, though we are very different in style and execution....not in process... Keep Everlastingly At It! All best, Jenny HG
Jenny Hunter Groat - 9 May 2012
Siamo le tre signore che hai conosciuto a Bruges, i primi giorni di aprile u.s. Abbiamo visitato il tuo sito e ci complimentiamo per l'ottimo lavoro svolto e la creatività che sprigiona. Ci siamo emozionate dalla capacità espressiva delle opere e saremo molto interessate a capire quali sono stati gli stimoli che ti hanno ispirato. Ci auguriamo che tu possa esporre i tuoi lavori anche in Italia e, nel caso si avverasse ciò, avremo piacere che tu ce lo comunicassi. Facci avere tue notizie, ciao
emanuela, nadia e bruna - 15 May 2011
Your artworks are impressive and full of personality. Thanks. Come to see mine at
Mabel - 16 Oct 2008
It was wonderful meeting you today. I enjoyed our conversation your work is beautiful please keep in touch I look forward to seeing your images on the walls of the art world actually they already are! Julianne
Julianne Yates - 25 Mar 2008
Hey Rick.....congrats on your success. When we were in Nab I remember all of your awesome drawings...I knew you had artistic talent. I'm in San Diego.... Johnny
John Hassett - 2 Jan 2008
Your work is just so strong and forceful. What an experience going through your series. My poor head needs a little time to decompress. Thanks so much. I will be back for more.
John Haynes - 20 Oct 2007
Rick: These are fantastic. The combination of organic and inorganic is superb!
Linda Yao - 25 Aug 2007
My parents are Zoltan and Muffy. I'm 14, and I just started at a fine art high school in Santa Rosa. I think your art is awesome.
Imri Vasale - 15 Aug 2007
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